Maybe we should be eating more amaranth?

Healthy Foodie Baby_ should we be eating more amaranth

Wheat is everywhere. We eat so much of it! Bread, Cakes, Pastries, Pasta, even couscous…

World wheat production is predicted to be near record this year as we are expecting to produce 690 million tons of it. We are mad on the stuff.

It’s not a new thing but I’ve been reading more and more recently how wheat is not that good for us.

It seems to be easier to find out why wheat is bad for you than its health benefits. Wheat raises blood sugar levels. I was quite surprised when I read that 2 slices of bread raises blood sugar more than one single chocolate bar.

No wonder I keep hearing of people who are cutting it out either because they are wheat intolerant or have gluten sensitivity. Coeliac disease seems to be a growing problem too.

We should probably be eating more different types of grain rather than so much wheat.

So I wonder should babies really be introduced to wheat so early?

Not everyone agrees on when to start babies on wheat. I was told my daughter could have it from the age of 6 months old but I have recently found sources that say it may be best to wait until 1, 2 or even 3 year’s old. Most seem to agree that around 8-10 months is ok. Well my daughter is just 7 months old and she has already had it but I have also made sure her diet includes other grains such as Rice, Corn, Quinoa, and buckwheat.

And have you heard about amaranth?

I bought baby porridge for my daughter that contains 4 types of grain, Quinoa, wholegrain rice, wholegrain millet and Amaranth. I had never heard of Amaranth before!

Looking into it it’s supposed to be really good for babies. If it’s good for them it must be good for us too.

It turns out it has been cultivated for 8,000 years and was a staple food for the Azteks. Amaranth it supposed to be super healthy. I read amaranth has miraculous health benefits, amongst others it controls cholesterol, is a good source of protein, calcium and fiber and even prevents premature aging. Amaranth seems to have more health benefits that Quinoa as it contains higher amounts of protein and high amounts of minerals.

Right I’m sold! I’ve ordered some…I hope it tastes good!

It says it’s easy to cook, I’m sure there will be some interesting new recipes to come! Amaranth only takes 10-15 minutes to cook and can be used and sweet as well as savoury recipes.

And whilst I’m still waiting for my Amaranth delivery from the online health food shop (I couldn’t find it in my local supermarket), my daughter has one up on me as she has already had it in her baby porridge!

If you are interested to know more you could check out these links:

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  1. Sean Cameron says:

    I love Amaranth. I like making onion pie with it. The crust is made from Amaranth flour too. He’s the recipe on my wife’s blog:

    Give it a go when your supply arrives.

  2. Thanks Sean, I will need to order some amaranth flour as well as grain then and try it out… Sounds good. I like your wife’s blog too!

  3. domain says:

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  4. Frank says:

    Postponing wheat to babies is BAD advise. Why would you give advice about something you know nothing about.

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for commenting. Just to clarify I am not saying you should postpone introducing wheat to babies. I am just saying that some sources suggest delaying it and there are so many other grains that can be introduced too. I mention in the post that my daughter had it by 7 months old. I did introduce it at a similar age to my son, but he didn’t react to it very well, so I waited a bit longer until I offered it again.

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