Sweet potato with feta and mint

Healthy Foodie Baby_Sweet potato with feta and mint
I love sweet potato and so does my daughter. I find that when she’s not too keen on something new; she’ll eat it when I mix in some sweet potato! I always make extra so I can have some sweet potato purée in the freezer.

This is such an easy lunch that only requires 3 ingredients.
No preparation, you can get on with other things whilst it’s in the oven and it tastes so yummy.

Sweet potato with feta and mint
Serves 2 Adults
Preparation: 3 min | Cooking time: 30-45 min

2 Sweet potatoes
Approx 60g of feta, crumbled
A hand full of chopped mint
A dash of olive oil

Preheat the oven to 200C. Prick the potatoes in several places and bake for 30-45 mins until soft.
When the sweet potatoes are ready cut them open. Sprinkle two of the potatoes with the crumbled feta and chop mint. Finish with a dash of olive oil.

Baked sweet potato purée
Baby first food
Serves 1 baby + extra for freezing
Healthy foodie Baby _ Sweet potato purée recipe
1 Sweet potato
A little of baby’s usual milk or water (optional)

Bake the potato in the oven as above.
Once the potato is ready, scoop out the flesh. Purée using a hand blender or food processor. You can add a little milk or water to thin to the right consistency.
You could also just mash using a fork if your baby is ok with a few lumps.
You might even want to make extra to freeze!


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