Healthy Packaged Snacks- as tested by my kids!


Update: Some of these snacks are included in my ‘Healthy snack bundles’ now available to buy here.

As part of a new project, I have been looking into packaged snacks. The reality is most people can’t make everything from scratch. We have busy lives and packaged snacks are convenient. They are handy for days out, to add to lunch boxes & picnics, refuel after sports activities or just have round the house and as much as we try to discourage them kids love things in packets, don’t they!

So, I decided to do some research and find the healthier alternatives for kids and the whole family. These last few weeks, I have been testing lots and lots of healthy snacks suitable for children. I kindly received so many interesting samples and have tested them with my kids, my friends and their children too. There’s so much good stuff out there! I really wanted to share with you some of my new favourite go to healthy snacks.

Here are the products I wanted share with you:

Tropical Wholefoods

  • Sundried Pineapple-100g £1.27
  • Sundried Banana, chewy chips-150g £1.27
  • Organic Pineapple & Cashew- 40g bar £0.75

These were our favourite from Tropical Wholefoods but they have such a great selection of dried fruit and snack bars it was hard to choose. I like the fact that all their fruits are sun dried using only the sun’s energy. They also take Fairtrade to the next level by helping their suppliers and partners giving them free advice and in-house training.

My kids loved the sundried pineapple and the chewy banana chips. They were great for all of us to snack and share on as they come in quite large packets. We tested them with friends too and they were a hit with everyone. My little boy literally had a meltdown when I told him they were finished!

Their snack bars come in great flavours such as Apricot & Raisin, Pineapple & Cashew and Date & Walnut. The Pineapple & Cashew bar was by far my kids favourite, they kept asking for more! It’s got a great texture and the fresh taste of pineapple is simply delicious.

You can buy Tropical Wholefoods in Holland and Barrett’s and independent health food shops.

The Raw Chocolate Company

  • Raw Mulberries 150g- £3.59
  • Raw Vanoffee Mulberries 28g Snack Pack – £1.49
  • Raw Chocolate Mulberries 28g Snack Pack – £1.49

Raw Mulberries are a revelation to me, we all loved them! My 2 year old son said they tasted a bit like raisins and he’s right, maybe even sweeter. They look kind of strange though but we quickly got over that as they are so moreish! Raw mulberries are a true superfood: they are high in antioxidants and have impressive nutritional value. An interesting fact for new mums out there, I just read that eating mulberries after childbirth is good to bring back energy and health.

The Raw Chocolate company kindly sent me a great selection of samples. Amongst others, we tested the plain Raw mulberries, the Raw Chocolate Mulberries and the Raw Vanoffe Mulberries. I loved all of them, but I think the Vanoffe were my daughter’s favourite!   They are Turkish white Mulberries coated in their Vanilla-Toffee which is made with Lucuma fruit powder.

Through their range they use raw cacao and fine ingredients.  For example, they use unrefined coconut palm sugar, which has a lower glycemic index and is richer in nutrients.

They also make delicious raw chocolates. You can find their products in Wholefoods stores, delis & cafes across UK, and are also stocked in Holland and Barrett.

Eat Real

Kids- Veggie Straws with Tomato, Kale & Spinach 20g

Hummus Chips- Sour Cream and Chives flavour 25g- £0.85

Lentil Chips- Sea salt flavour 22g- £0.85

Eat Real have a great selection of crisps that are made from lentils, quinoa and chickpeas and taste great! The best thing is that they are not dissimilar to some of your usual savoury crisp snacks – so they are a guaranteed hit with the kids. Their products are made from real, natural ingredients with no added artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

We also tested the Veggie Straws from their new Kids Range. These crisps are made with Tomato, Kale and Spinach, they have a great shape and they are super crunchy. If you are looking for something for the grown-ups my partner couldn’t stay away from the Hummus Chips and I have to confess I am little addicted to Lentil Chips.

Eat Real products are stocked in most larger supermarkets.

Ape Snacks

Crunchy Coconut bites- sesame seed , 30g- £1.52

Crunchy Coconut bites- Chia, 30g – £1.52

Crispy Coconut Curls – Salted Chocolate , 20g -£1.03

The Ape coconut snacks were one of the most controversial product in our tasting sessions. Before trying them I wasn’t sure how a savoury coconut snack would work but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. However, they do have a really strong coconut flavour so they may not be to everyone’s taste!

The snacks are remarkably simple as they are made from coconut and seasoning and that’s all! They are super healthy, high in fibre and count towards one of your 5-a day.

The crunchy coconut bites are a little bit like mini rice cakes which made them look familiar to my kids. They are made and taste (of course!) of coconut and come in three flavours, plain, sesame seed and Chia. My children seemed to have a slight preference for the sesame seed ones.

The kids also liked the Crispy Coconut Curls although I thought they’re not quite as kid friendly as the coconut bites. They come lightly salted or slightly peppered but we especially loved their new salted chocolate flavour – it sounds kind of strange but it really works.

Ape Snacks are available in Asda, The Cooperative, Ocado and Whole foods Market.


Rawr- Raw Chocolate

lucuma-raw-chocolate-bar-unwrapped       orange-raw-chocolate-bar-wrapped_3      plain-raw-chocolate-bar-unwrapped

Lucuma Cacao Bar 60g – £2.99

Orange Flavoured Chocolate 60g- £2.99

Organic Chocolate 60g- £2.99

We all need a bit of a treat sometimes, and we all love this chocolate! Raw chocolate is made at low temperatures to preserve enzymes. Rawr’s chocolate is organic, dairy free and simply delicious. They also use coconut palm sugar instead of refined cane or beet sugar as a sweetener which is more nutritious and lower GI.  The kids favourite was the Lucuma Cacao Bar, and I can understand why: it has a super smooth texture and a caramel like flavour. However, the Plain Chocolate and Orange flavoured Chocolate didn’t come far behind. The Rawr bars are a perfect size for sharing a few squares with the kids as a nice guilt-free treat.

Rawr Chocolate is available at Planet Organic and independent health food shops.


Many thanks to all these companies who very kindly sent me goodie boxes so I could test their products. I wanted to emphasise that all opinions are my own.

For your chance to win some of these product please check out my ‘Healthy snack bundle’ giveaway.

Keep a look out as I will be reviewing more great products over the next few months!

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