More healthy packaged snacks for kids


More Heathier Packaged Snacks

Update: Some of these snacks are included in my ‘Healthy snack bundles’ now available to buy here.

After the success of my last post, I’m very excited to be sharing some more healthy packaged snacks with you! There’s also just a few days left to enter my competition to win a free box of goodies here (closes this Friday, 24th March). Keep checking in, as I will have a special introductory offer on my ‘Healthy Snack Boxes’ coming very soon.



Emily crisps

  • Emily Fruit Crisps, Crunchy Apple, Pineapple & Banana- 30/35g £1.75
  • Emily Veg Crisps, Spring Greens, Mixed Roots- 23g £1.29
  • Emily Fruit Crisps Impulse, Crunchy Apple, Pineapple & Banana-15/18g £1

Isn’t the packaging gorgeous? And what’s inside didn’t disappoint. I absolutely adore these! The crunchy apple was my favourite but to be honest they were all delicious and really addictive – they are just so crunchy! Their texture is quite different from other fruit crisps, I couldn’t quite work out how they were made. Turns out Emily crips uses a special vacuum process using only a little non-hydrogenated RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil, this therefore preserves all the natural goodness of the fruit. I wasn’t too surprised that the kids loved them as they are beautifully sweet. The only thing to mention is that they are quite sticky on the teeth, so make sure the kids brush their teeth well that evening!

The vegetable crisps were a bit more of a test with the kids. Some of the children weren’t so keen to try the spring greens as they look like the whole vegetables but the sweet potato, carrot & beetroot crisps went down much better! The real bonus is that they count as 1 of your 5 a day!

Emily Crisps are available to buy at Ocado and Holland & Barrett.


Raw Gorilla Munchies

  • Raw Gorilla Lemon Lucuma&Coconut Munchies- 40g £1.49
  • Raw Gorilla Raw Cacao & Lucuma Munchies- 40g £1.49

Raw Gorilla Munchies have so much going for them! They are made with raw ingredients in order to preserve all essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes. On top of that they use sprouted buckwheat and activated seeds and nuts which again has a variety of health and nutritional benefits. They don’t contain any sugar, salt or anything refined and artificial.

When I researched these products I thought it sounds too good to be true, surely the kids wouldn’t like anything that healthy! But I was wrong, they especially like the Raw Cacao & Lucuma as well as their new flavour Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut. I tried them with friends and their kids too to make sure and they were definitely popular!

The Munchies are the perfect size for little hands and there’s quite a few in each packet so there’s enough to share with friends.

Raw Gorilla products are available at Planet Organic, in Selfridges Oxford St, Wholefoods Market and other heath food shops.



Nim’s fruit crisps

  • Nim’s Apple fruit crisps- 20g £1.25
  • Nim’s Pear Fruit Crisps- 22g £1.25
  • Nim’s Pineapple Fruit Crisps -20g  £1.25

My whole family really like Nim’s crisps, I packed their whole range of crisps for recent weekend away and they were the perfect snack for the kids on a long car journey. It was fun trying all the different flavours – the apple, pear and the pineapple crisps came on top, we all loved them!

Excitingly, Nim’s are now working on a new range of products specifically designed for children – which we can’t wait to try. Their crisps are free from additives, preservatives and added sugar. I like the fact that they contain the whole fruit : skin, core and pips. It’s also great that Nim’s are a British manufacturer and they support British farmers wherever possible.

Nim’s Fruit Crisps are available on their online shop, on Yumbles and Amazon.



Banana Joe chips

  • Banana Joe, Sea Salt- 50g
  • Banana Joe, Gruyere Cheese – 50g

I was intrigued, crisps made from bananas – I wasn’t sure what to expect but they taste fantastic and they are remarkably similar to a potato chip! These thin, crispy slices of banana come in loads of different flavours, the most child friendly being the sea-salt or  the gruyere cheese.

So, what makes a banana crisp healthier than its potato cousin? Banana Joe chips are made from non-GMO ‘hom thong‘ bananas, they have zero grams of trans fat, no MSG and no preservatives. In each packet, there are two whole bananas that are a good source of iron, potassium, manganese and fibre. They are definitely going to be a regular addition to our shopping list.

Banana Joe Chips are available in Selfridges and Revital Health Shop.


Many thanks to all these companies who very kindly sent me goodie boxes so I could test their products. I wanted to emphasise that all opinions are my own.



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