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Are you a nut butter lover? Then you need to read this! Plus, I’ve also got some amazing recipes to share from the new Pip & Nut Cookbook.

I came across Pip& Nut when I was looking for snacks for my ‘Healthy Snack Boxes’. I was interested in their squeeze packs and thought these would be great energy boosting snack for the kids. Pip & Nut very kindly sent us a box with their whole selection – heaven in a box!

We have now tried all their products and they are simply delicious. Me and the kids soon started to have our favourites, the Almond butter is amazing on our morning porridge, their Crunchy Maple Peanut butter is perfect on toast and the honey Cashew Cinnamon butter is amazing on waffles. Yes, we have really  been eating that much!

But most interesting, I found out why their nut butter are better: they don’t contain any palm oil. I didn’t realise what difference that makes until I read a little more on the subject. With my previous peanut butter, I thought I was purchasing a healthy brand of nut butter with no added sugar. But when I checked the ingredients it still contained some palm oil.  So what’s the problem with palm oil? I knew that it was best to avoid it due to environmental reasons such as the fact it contributes to deforestation and driving endangered species towards extinction but I didn’t realise it is not good for us either. Palm oil is high in saturated fats and has been linked to an increase in cholesterol levels.

On top of all the products we tested, I was very lucky to get a copy of their new cookbook, it’s brilliant! Before I received it through the post I wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good because I have been given branded cookbooks in the past and they haven’t been anything special, but this is different. The photography is gorgeous, there are some great ideas and most importantly the recipes all look great and mouthwatering. I wanted to try them all!

I am so happy to be able to share a couple of my favourite recipes from the book with you.


Recipes from the Pip& Nut Cookbook:


This was simply delicious! I will definitely be making this smoothie regularly for my little boy who’s a smoothie fanatic. I love the fact that it contains oats and cashew butter as it makes it a more filling and complete snack than your average fruit smoothie.



berries n cream recipe crop


These muffins were amazing! They were so tasty they disappeared within a matter of hours (with the help of a few friends!). The dates and blueberries made them extra special and I love the fact the added banana means they have less sugar than your average muffin recipe. Apart from eating them, my little helper especially enjoyed sprinkling the seeds over the top!


muffins recipe crop

Pip & Nut products are available at Sainsbury’s and Ocado. You can buy their cookbook on Amazon.

Pip & Nut: The Nut Butter Cookbook

This post is not endorsed by Pip& Nut, they just very kindly sent me some of their products to try. All opinions are my own.

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